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As the business world evolved toward globalization, whether we realize it or not, Indonesia has already take part in the process of globalization where everything become borderless. There are almost no more time and place constraints that could slow down the business communication among companies and its stakeholders in anyplace they reside. The requirement of technological learning and application as well as the quality development of its human resources are a definite requirement for either domestic or global company to advance and to challenge the current hyper competition business situation across business sectors.

PT. Lamicitra Nusantara, Tbk. which established in 1988 and within two decades time, has been able to construct a widely recognize and firm business networks in various sectors of development namely, Jembatan Merah Plaza 1 and 2, Tunjungan Electronic Center and Pusat Grosir. Surabaya, Ruko Jembatan Merah to represent our commercial developments, Tanjung Emas Export Processing Zone as free tax industrial estate in Semarang, Darmo Hill Real Estate as luxurious residential development in Surabaya, and Tunjungan Hotel to represent our hospitality development. With over 100.000 people are interacting within the company's business developments and approximately combination of 6.000 skilled and unskilled employees joined to our company, we have contribute those developments as a part of the generator to Indonesian economy.

Through our leading vision of "building a better environment to the society" helps to direct the company to create and to offer only the best, integrated and comprehensive project development to fulfill and to satisfy our customers needs and wants. Furthermore, we do valued and put in our priority the requirement of continuous development to our human resource which we believe that such program could help us to educate, to increase the quality and to motivate them in working together as a team in our company in achieving our future goals.

Based on the motto, "Discipline in work, work hard in facing challenges, precise in decision making and place trust in the God Almighty", we could show a clear results of our tireless effort and progress so far which also give us encouragement to progress further in making more contribution to Indonesian development.

Harmonious, balanced cooperation and openness within stakeholder constitutes the key success of our company. Yet, we do realize that the result of achievement we had right now are part of the continuous support and trust from the society at large and related bodies who always supportive and responsive in participating to our development program.

Surabaya, January 2008


PT. Lamicitra Nusantra, Tbk.
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National development established PT. Lamicitra Nusantara, Tbk.
Success is a journey not an achievement
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Building a better environment to the society
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Discipline in work, work hard in facing challenges, precise in decision making and place trust in the God Almighty
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PT. Lamicitra Nusantara was founded and engaged in some business such as : building investor, developer, industrial estate, port & cargo activities, and general contractor.
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