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Another landmark project offered by PT. Lamicitra Nusantara, Tbk. to Surabaya city government for making a city icon and as part as a solution to the current traffic problem occurred is the introduction of Mega Darmo Project. The project is intended to build by Lamicitra with the aim of providing a representative and proper road access between southern and eastern part of Surabaya to western part of Surabaya.

Inside the total area for development of 500.513 m2, destined for superblock development consisting mall, offices, apartments and hotels. The project intends to commence in 2010.

Jembatan Merah Plaza 3
The fact of high occupancy rate of the previous JMP 1 and JMP 2.
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Surabaya Design Centre
A new and breaking through development concept that will be introduced by PT. Lamicitra Nusantara Tbk.
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Mega Darmo
Another landmark project offered by PT. Lamicitra Nusantara Tbk.
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Madura Industrial Seaport City
PT. Lamicitra Nusantara, Tbk. through its subsidiary PT. MISI
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Darmo Hill Apartment
As the life style of Surabaya city's society is improving in accordance with the global trend.
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